Corona – is there something that we should learn from this plague?

Perhaps it's in place of the flood that Hashem would have brought into the world?

I feel pressured by the thoughts that Hashem put in my mind to express to the public the obvious reasons why this is happening. Who knows where and when it will stop? How many more hints will we have to be given? How many more robberies, break-ins, thefts and murders will have to take place in order to teach that many of us are using money without thinking just because we have the means to spend. Why in New York State did the governor cancel the overnight camps? Does it have to do with being too extravagant on spending money? Do we realize that we are so extravagant on spending and then we hurry to throw away all kinds of things including food? Is that the right thing to do? Isn’t it because we have to much money?
There are so many victims in the world, from all the destruction that is happening in the United States and in other countries in addition to the Corona and unfortunately among many of our people too. Why?
Let’s get together and strengthen each other and at least try to become stronger by taking to heart what is happening and recognizing seriously that it really is “Measure for Measure”.
If you will give it a thought, you will see that what G-d put into my mind to write about definitely deserves your immediate attention. MANY IN AM YISRAEL should consider that we all must do something about it in order to remain with
G-d’s help a strong nation.
We should [at the very least] get strengthened by these Mitzvahs connected to the Corona plague.
Cor-ona (Corona) virus – Where is this word from?
If we think deeply, we could say it’s three words in the Hebrew language.
Unconsciously someone named it in Hebrew.
• Cor,-meaning cold in Hebrew.
• Ona- in Hebrew means season.
• Virus – could mean A-virus- in Hebrew means sins
Every season we have food that grows for us. It takes a lot of effort from us until we see food on the table. Sowing, harvesting, grinding etc. and then the result of all these actions reaches our home.
Now women take over!!
“We have to feed our families!!”
So we start cooking!
“Whoops – one pot is dirty, two pots, three pots. Oh yeah, I need one for vegetables.
“Oh my, they are frozen. Well the microwave will defrost them anyway. I will need a pot to put flavoring into the vegetables.”
And after all that – we thank G-d by saying the relevant blessings on food that we have been commanded to say before we eat. Many of us remember to say a blessing before we eat. My dear brothers and sisters, whatever is connected to food, we must try to remember to make a blessing on it otherwise we many not eat it.
“Oh my, I have so much food left over. Kinderlech, do you want more?”
“No”, they tell you,
“We had plenty”.
Ladies take care of yourselves! Your family needs you Don’t make too many salads. Two or three the most if at all. Look for fast easy making desserts. Nourishing for the whole family And after all that you still have left overs.
So, what happens in your household when there is food left over? What happens when you make a Simcha and you sit and watch how good food goes straight into the garbage? Is this what G-d wants us to do? Does Hashem have nachat from it?
“Do you know of any blessing we make before we throw out food or other items? If you do, tell me about it because I do not.”

What should we learn from this? That we must not throw out food or anything else that is still usable!
There is a new patent in our generation, The freezer! It’s worth it for you not to forget it! A lot of food that is bought in the supermarket is frozen. So, why not freeze foods that you have cooked, commissioned and bothered about so much? Use wisely the mind that the Creator gave you. We should plan ahead for food so that it doesn’t get thrown away and you should freeze leftovers for tomorrow or another day. Why not cook for a few days and have suppers ready in the freezer when you come home from a hard day at work. This can save time cooking and cleaning a messy kitchen and all those pots. It is very important for the women who are bogged up with work and have a large family. Even a small family; even a couple
By the way, you know the dates that are put on certain foods is full of baloney. Don’t throw it out G-d forbid. It would be very costly and you’ll be committing a sin!! It’s just put there so that the companies will make more money. It will not make you sick. I speak of personal experience.
My dear brothers and sisters: FREEZE, FREEZE, FREEZE . That is the motto.Even if its Shabbos.
Another law in corona is the prohibiting of touching which comes to remind us and teach us what the Torah has strictly commanded us that men and women, girls and boys (except brothers and sisters) may not have contact. Only a married couple at certain times of the month may have contact with each other. Nowadays, there are hackles and lawlessness on this topic between boys and girls, men and women and even among married couples.
All of this is contrary to the Sacred Torah. Knowledge that was given on Mount Sinai to preserve the Jewish family in holiness and purity and not to get involved with transgressions and deeds that later are regretted and for which we pay dearly for it in every way! In other words, many families do not maintain the “Tehara” – the purity between husband and wife according to the way we were commanded. Family purity is one of the most important commandments – it strengthens the marriage.
There is no greater pleasure for a woman than to feel like a bride after the wedding every month when she comes home from the Mikva. Did we have to
wait for Corona to bring out this point? Do we have to wait for the government to force us to DO IT
Please take heed and find out more about Family Purity. You will greatly be rewarded with G-d’s help, especially in raising your children. Make sure to learn the correct laws of the Mikva va

  1. Isolation – finally people were forced to keep – Shabbat.
    If I could, I would go out on the streets running and shouting – “The present of Shabbat to the Jewish nation is Great”.
    Many transgressions have been spared from our people on these Saturdays that the government forced us to keep. Such as travel, entertainment, spending money etc. Unwillingly the Shabbat was partially kept. Wouldn’t it be phenomenal if ALL JEWS would keep Shabbat properly intentionally? Those who don’t keep Shabbat are missing out on the feeling of its importance and its benefits.
    Resting (detaching ourselves from everything, including T.V and Cellphones) gives us an enormous amount of physical strength, mental strength and unity in the family structure. The people of Israel had to sit in their houses for a few weeks on Saturday and observe Shabbat, by necessity, by a government order for our own good. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all Jews would keep Shabbat because G-d told us “for our own good?” All we have to do is just keep two Shabatot because Hashem said so and Mashiach will come.” TRY IT YOU’LL LIKE IT”.
  2. Hand washing:
    And why now, when there are human orders that require handwashing – Now people wash hands as instructed by humans several times a day in a frenzy and in the blink of an eye without asking questions! Because the Minister of Health recommended and demanded?
    But when Chazal (the Sages) decree that we must maintain purity and cleanliness by washing hands in the morning when we wake up, before we touch anything, later on before we eat bread and when we leave the bathroom we forget to do it. Rabbis give us special instructions how hands should be washed on these different occasions in order to remove impurity (which is no less harmful to

than a virus) Why don’t people take these rules into consideration? Why?

Because we can’t see an impurity? Even the virus is not seen with the naked eye and we still believe in the opinion of flesh and blood and not in the opinion of our righteous and wise of all generations – our sages!

There are no smarter people in the world than our sages, nor will there ever be. Because they learned the laws of the Holy Torah which was given to us by G-d, who knows all the hidden and human ways of the world in order to benefit the person during and after his lifetime and bless him with health, peace and harmony etc. Look into the laws of washing your hands.
Everything that we use comes along with instructions. When we buy an air conditioner or any other device, we get manufacturer’s instructions with it, otherwise we could not use the tool.
When the Creator created this world (everyone understands that G-d created the world) he also gave instructions how to use it; How? Through the Holy Torah. Whoever does not make use of it does not understand its great benefits. He acts according to his own will undoubtedly harming himself and his environment, in all areas of life. People who understand and follow the Torah’s instructions are elated.

  1. Masks
    Why are we ordered to put on a mask to cover our nose and our mouths?
    It is meant to remind us that many in the nation of Israel are eating a lot of non-kosher foods. By doing so they are hurting and defiling their bodies and souls and denying the will and faith in G-d. Food affects how we feel and how we think.
    Remember? ” We are what we eat.”
    Another reason for the covered mouth is to remind us to say a blessing before and after we eat. Do we remember to say it all the time? Many times we forget. A lot of us don’t even know that we should say thank you to G-d in this manner for the food by saying an assigned blessing on the food.
    When a person gives us something, Do we usually say “Thank you”? Of course!
    Why should we not thank G-d for everything that we are and everything that we have in our lives?
    There are people who don’t have what they need. The people in Auschwitz were craving for something to eat and they were very grateful for every crumb. Now

because of Corona, a lot of people are suffering and are trying to live with less. It is worth giving it a thought?
Covering our mouth should also be a reminder that we must think what comes out of our mouth. Such as slandering other people. Now your mouth is covered. Now we say only what we must. Can we try to talk good about other people? Many of us are more inclined to criticize than to say a good word. Oh.,. that good word in everyday living is so important for every man, woman and child. Many children grow up insecure because they are over criticized at home, in the classroom etc., Learn to give your child complements, but make sure you teach them from the time they are very young. Good Habits starts in the child from when they say the first word. Teaching a child when he is young is not criticizing. After a certain age it becomes criticism But over criticizing is damaging to the person. This could be one of the reasons that when a child grows up and gets married – the marriage does not succeed.
Everyone needs a good word the more the merrier..
Don’t wait until it’s too late and you will say, he/she WAS a good person, use every opportunity to say it now.
6.Synagogues are closed
Couldn’t this be a sign to let us know that G-d doesn’t like people driving to the Synagogue on Shabbos. It is better to pray at home than to drive a car to the synagogue. By closing down the synagogues, G-d said “Sit at home”.
How did Hashem say it? By closing down the Synagogues all over the world!
Those that don’t drive to the Synagogue on Shabbat should remember that we don’t come to socialize ! We are in the mansion of the king of kings and we come to pray! We are definitely told not to utter a word in the Synagogue.

  1. Distance between each other
    Another issue is – why does the government decree that there should be distance between everyone?
    How would we approach a human king? We go backwards before we go forwards. We bend down before we start talking! In preparation for the standing prayer we are commanded to approach Hashem with dignity, respect and fear.
    We come to ask him for mercy with humbleness for our needs Do we approach Hashem in the correct way. The three steps back that we have to take are not far enough apart from each other as required by Jewish law. Now that we have to be 2 meters apart from each other, surely, we have enough space for there to be a foot between our feet. The approach we would use towards a king of flesh and blood, why not do it in prayer before the Creator of the World?
    Should we learn from all these signs?
    Maybe all of us, the nation of Israel, the people waiting for the coming of our righteous Mashiach, should unite and strengthen at least in these commandments that we received from Hashem.
    People, wake up! See what is really happening in your life! Life is a serious matter! Don’t forget the whole world is ONE and now it was shown to us. The nation of Israel, wherever they are is one nation, one body, one soul! Stand up and take responsibility for your actions. As we see everything one does affects the next person! Even just not wearing a mask.
    It has been said of the Netziv of Vlozin, Harav Tzvi Yehudah Berlin (1816-1893) great grandson of the Ba’aleh Hatosafot who said that the war of Gog and Magog will be a plague and not an artillerary war. Let’s hope that this is it; because we were told that after the war with Gog and Magog, Moshiach would come.
    I would suggest participating in these commandments and those that do, could strengthen themselves and try to encourage others as much as possible at least with one or two new Mitzvohs which could cause to bring our redemption closer.
    Although I am not a Rabbi or a ruler but since Hashem with his kindness put into my mind these thoughts to compare Corona to the aforementioned issues why should we not give some thought to these comparisons. Let’s work together seriously on these subjects which are Mitzvot.
    Let’s pray together that in the merit of good deeds the Corona and all the robberies and break-ins will stop so that we can continue to worship Hashem in peace, good health and great joy.
    We should merit to see the built Temple come straight down from heaven G-d willing very soon.

Writing with great hope,
The Clevelander Rebitzen
Rebitzen C. Rosenbaum
Ra’anana, Israel
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