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Do You Have A Cold? Try Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky’s Remedy

People who asked Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky a leading Torah scholar in our generation for advice on medical problems received the same answer: “You should learn Torah topics related to your ailment. For example if you have a head ailment, learn the laws of the Head Tefillin in depth.”

“Why specifically about the head tefillin?” Rabbi Chaim asks and answers; “because the head was created to wear the head tefillin!” Someone else whose mother broke her hand was told to learn the tractate called “Hands” and give a lot of charity (with her hands). Someone else with great pains in his hands was told to learn the laws of the ritual washing of hands and the chapter “All the Hands” in the tractate of Nidda.

For tooth ailments the rabbi suggested learning the Tractate of “Bechorot” about first born animals where it speaks about imperfections of the teeth. The man took the advice and merited that his chronic toothaches disappeared.

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The saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. So let’s get familiar with the Psalms to be said that correspond to different ailments. They can be said for an ailment or to prevent the ailment.
These psalms were collated by Dr. Yael Tikuchinsky, Phd. Naturpathy, University of California, and author of “Women’s Health in Complimentary Medicine”.
Psalm 1– good to help the barren conceive and to prevent stillborn babies and for general health.
Psalm 2–  remedy for headaches and high fever.
Psalm 5- good for those who suffer from worrying thoughts or anxiety.
Psalm 6- good for those who suffer from eye ailments or are prone to motion sickness
Psalm 9- good for calming a crying baby
Psalm 10- good to allay fears and stop depression.
Psalm 13- good for calming fear with no known cause, against eye ailments and ailments where it’s not clear how they befell the person.
Psalm 27- good for treating any ailment or health problem
Psalm 29- good for helping to face fears and depression
Psalm 37- good for help against addictions
Psalm 49- good to help combat cold flu fever and more

Wishing you all good health and a speedy recovery!!



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