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Don’t Think Twice About Drinking Water

Have you ever asked yourself: How is it possible that some people gain weight without eating much? It’s important to know that weight gain is not only linked to the amount of food we eat, rather, how active are we in relation to our food intake. It turns out that every person requires physical exercise that entails some effort – and drinking water is just as important.

How do we know how much water to consume on a daily basis when there are several scientific opinions? The answer is simple: According to the color of our urine. When the color is very light but not clear it means that we are doing great. The opposite is true as well.  You might be delighted to discover that there is a relationship between the amount of water we consume daily to our weight. Not only does water regulate the bio-chemical and metabolic functions of the body, but it also maintain the speed of metabolism compared to other liquids – that’s because drinking water aids the body in feeling satiated quicker and reduces the need to consume more food. Various studies prove that increased water consumption causes a significant reduction in caloric intake.

So how can we drink more? Firstly, it’s important not to rely on feeling thirsty, as there are people whose sensitivity for thirst decreases, the less they drink. Moreover, the more we accustom ourselves to drinking without will, the faster the thirst mechanism will be revived and we will not be able to distinguish between hunger and thirst.

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of drinking a lot by making it a part of all our daily activities such as: eating, using the bathroom, physical exercise, working and so on. It’s amazing to see how much we actually love water once we begin carrying a bottle with us everywhere we go. It’s important to drink water even when we are not thirsty, and even when we are certain that we are feeling hungry. Water with added mint leaves or sliced fruit is even more delicious, and when the water tastes good, we drink a lot more.


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