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Egypt Confirms: U.S. Initiated UN Vote

Israel’s claim that Obama’s administration initiated the Anti-Israel UN resolution vote is strengthened with the latest findings. An Egyptian newspaper was quoted on Israel’s Channel 2 saying that Saeb Erekat from the PA met with John Kerry to make coordinate their stance on the vote.

Susan Rice, the National security advisor was also present. At the meeting all present blamed Netanyahu for preventing the “two state solution” from becoming a reality and they initiated what they felt was a balanced resolution.

The newspaper also reported that besides coordinating stances and basically receiving a U.S. promise that they would initiate the resolution and make sure it passes the U.S. reps present asked the PA reps to hold back with terror attacks until after the vote so as not to jeopardize it.

It should be noted that a few days ago MK Ze’ev Elkin said that Ukraine initially wanted to abstain from voting on the resolution but American pressure forced them to vote for it. The logic of this statement is consonant with the U.S. promise to the PA to initiate and insure the success of the vote against Israel.

Today (Wednesday), Kerry is expected to speak presenting his understanding of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and his ideas for a viable solution.


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