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European Commission Gives Grant to Israeli Product That Will Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Use

MeMed company in Tirat Carmel. which makes an innovative and accurate blood test that distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections, has received a €2.3 million grant from the European Commission to improve and distribute it. The test is already being used successfully in Israel and leading European hospitals.

Antibiotics not only do not help for a viral infection, but it is a waste of time and money, and causes dangerous resistance to antibiotics, making them less effective or ineffective against bacterial infections. 

Researchers from the company and scientific institutes abroad tested some 1,000 patients and found that the ImmunoXpert blood test differentiates between immune responses to bacterial and viral infections in the majority of cases. The developers say it takes only two hours to get results, while less-effective alternatives often take days. ImmunoXpert is based on the fact that viruses and bacteria stimulate different protein pathways when they infect the body.

MeMed CEO Dr. Eran Eden noted, “It is not perfect and it does not replace a physician’s judgment, but it is better than many of the routine tests used in practice today.” He said his company is working on a portable device to make it easier to use.
The new grant will facilitate introduction of ImmunoXpert at additional leading medical centers in Italy and Germany, with the goal of monitoring the management of 1,200 children with respiratory tract infections or fever without source, which account for the majority of of pediatric emergency department visits.


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