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Ezra Schwartz’s Mother Speaks in UN

Israel News:

The mother of Ezra Schwartz a young man killed in a terror attack in Israel spoke in the UN and said: “My son’s murderer is getting payment for killing innocent people.”

Minister of Health Litzman stands with Doctors who left Hadassah Hospital:  The health minister demands from the hospital director that children undergoing bone transplants have them perfrormed exclusively by pediatric doctors specializing in hemato-onocology. The health minister also wants a healthcare ‘envelope’ tailor made for children which should include an educational staff, social worker and emotional support.

World News:

Trump may have inadvertently disclosed the whereabouts of nuclear subs in the China Sea near North Korea. This in a phone conversation with the president of the Philippines trump said he sent two nuclear subs to the area near North Korea; “They are the best in the world” Trump told the Philippine president, according to the New York Times.

Marwan Barghouti was taken to the hospital for checkups and he was taken back to his cell. It was believed his health condition deteriorated but the checkup didn’t find anything the past 24 hours 150 security threat prisoners were brought for medical checkups in hospitals and most were returned to their cells.


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