Jewish Thought

Does Man really have full freedom of choice?

What does a dream about a snake hint to?


What is the purpose of the foreskin (orlah)?

What does it mean to be chosen? Chosen for what?

What are Jewish responses to suffering? What should our response be to someone else’s pain? What should our response be to our own pain?

Connecting to Hashem through music


What was before creation?

Days of the Messiah and the World to come

Interpreting a dream

Recent disasters that unfortunately happened abroad

Where is the World's goodness?

Why is There Pain in This World?

In the prayer, Modeh Ani, who does the word “bi” refer to?

Did the Jewish people ever achieve a state of rectification?


Judaism is too restrictive; It will destroy my individuality; It will destroy my creativity; Why does G-d want so many restrictions?

What Good is Gehinnom?

Is there a segulah to restore one’s health?

The soul

The World is a Cruel Place for Jews


Girls' Schooling

How can I quickly become a good Jew?

Meaning of Life

If I am happy with my life as it is, why change it?

Tikun Haklali

Divine protection outside of Israel

How can we have a relationship with G-d?

Gehinnom and Compassion

Free Choice

One’s efforts to make a livelihood

Why can’t we donate organs?

I Don’t Understand the Creator’s Actions

Who is G-d?

Why do good and innocent people suffer? Why do some wicked people seem to have it all?

Why Believing is So Hard? How to increase your faith.


Why do I have to pray in Hebrew?

A Piece of Heaven- Eternal Real Estate

How can you know for sure that G-d is here?

What are Miracles?


Why can’t a person see G-d and live?

Turning on lights on Shabbat

What is the Oral Tradition (Torah SheBaal Peh)?

How do Faith and Reason relate?

How can Abraham be an example to us if he was willing to murder his son?


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