Jewish Thought

The generation of the desert

How does G-d decide what should be a sin?

Is there a ranking of the importance of the commandments?

The wisdom of our sages

Prophecy to be fulfilled in the future

What was King Solomon’s sin?

Baby who died at the age of three months

Does God love me?

How can I quickly become a good Jew?

How to fix the personality trait of an evil eye

What did our forefathers study before the Torah was given?


Do they learn Torah in hell?

Will gentiles be resurrected from the dead?

Adam and Eve’s Curse

The soul


Clinical death in other religions

Who is considered a Righteous Among the Nations?

How can Abraham be an example to us if he was willing to murder his son?

Reincarnation question

How will I acquire faith !!!!!!!

Mass revelations by other nations

Is it possible to prove that the Master of the Universe exists or is it just a feeling???

Does tradition validate Islam?


What does Judaism say about the birth of the founder of Christianity?

Can a woman study Kabbalah?

Reincarnation question

What was before creation?

Recent disasters that unfortunately happened abroad

Negative thoughts about a person

Neturei Karta

Judaism - how long is it in existence?

What is the Torah’s opinion of peace with our Arab neighbors?


Great / Lofty Soul

What should a person do who has a 'bad' name?

Hatred for a person

What is the correct way to become religious?

A girl joining the army

Did the Jewish people ever achieve a state of rectification?

What is koreit, excision?

Difficult to recite Psalms

Honor your parents to live long


In college, they criticized the Torah and I remained silent - was this a desecration of G-d?

The purpose of suffering

When one suffers distress, is it a decree from heaven?

Gentiles and souls

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