Jewish Law

Can You Give a Mezuzah to a Non-Jew?

Fasting while Pregnant

Can I cancel a standing bank order to a charity that may not be Bona Fide?

Mikvah & Seperating Challah

Differences between a first and second marriage


Charity Box

Hanging a Ketuba in the bedroom

Ritual Immersion

Hosting a gentile on the holiday of Sukkot

Can one work in a deli that serves milk after meat?

Sham acquisition in marriage

Praying with a Minyan

Kaddish Phonetic Pronunciation



Women dancing

Do we make a blessing when we separate challah outside of Israel?

Working in a bank

Massage for my Father

Must I replace my baby’s pacifier for Passover and other questions

Can a husband be present in the delivery room?

Kashering a Microwave for Passover

Bread from meat meal for milk meal?

What should I pray during a commute to work?

Tanach with the New Testament

Uncircumcised child

If I'm not near a Synagogue can I read Zachor by myself or from a Chumash (printed Torah)?

When does one ascend to the cemetery

Can I make bags from Skins and furs from kosher and non kosher animals?

Halachic Ruling Regarding Questionable Gneivat Daat

Tzizit Katan

Baptism and Idolatrous Remedies

Must women pray by a particular time?

Judaism & Performing Arts

status of a man that had a sex change operation

Why is Orthodoxy not pluralistic? Why should it not recognize three or more streams in Judaism?

Convert including his wife or guests in Kiddush or Grace After Meals

A business that’s open on Shabbat

Tithing a Scholarship

(Non) Question of Theft

Purity after the birth of a daughter

Can a woman ride a horse?

What was King Solomon’s sin?

Visiting a Grave on Rosh Chodesh

How do I know that the Oral law is true? Why Can’t I  Accept The Written Torah But Not The Oral Torah

Why Don't married men need to cover their heads like women do?

Koshering Dishes

Are Science and Judaism opposed?

Why are there fixed times for prayers?

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