Marriage between cousins and genetic screening

Is it permissible to go to the wedding of a Reform convert?

Can I hear the good songs of a depraved singer?

If one was killed in the Protective Edge campaign against Gaza, is he considered a martyr?

The righteous who die young

Where are we on the End of Times timeline?

Why is the Talmud written in Aramaic?

Forced to watch television

What is Samuel II?

Will ISIS fight us?

I have many dreams about demons

Afterlife for dogs’ souls

Concerning the prophecy "and the sons will return to their borders"

How does Judaism explain the phenomenon of “déjà vu”?

Preparation for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year)

What does a dream about a snake hint to?

"You shall live by the sword"

If one contributed money but it did not reach its destination, does one get a reward?

Was King Solomon wiser than Adam


Is there a special spiritual undertaking which can help in improving one’s livelihood?

Pyramids, who built them?

Can the messiah be from the priest class (a Cohen)?

Can a non-Jew repent?

Assyrian script

Was Adam a Jew?

Did Egypt (Mitzrayim in Hebrew) come into existence before Noah’s son Ham (and Mitzrayim’s father) was born?


I want to repent

Why don’t we do a Redemption of the Firstborn for a firstborn son who was born by C-section?

Can a husband be present in the delivery room?

Can one choose to give birth by Caesarean section?

Presentation / lecture before a mixed audience

Concentrating on G-d’s Name

Atonement for a seminal emission

Atonement for causing a seminal emission

What is the difference between the modesty required for men and women?

Why does a woman separate dough when she makes challah?

Is it OK if a girl doesn’t want to get married?

Can a non-Jew repent?

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