Yigal Bin Nun


What Mitzvos Should One Teach First when teaching for Kiruv Purposes?


AppleWhite Theorem

Washing food in bathroom

Is there any source that the world is flat?

Newly observent and no Rabbi

Renting an apartment without a contract

How to educate children without anger and impulsivity?

Do they learn Torah in hell?

How to deal with the questions of a child aged four and a half on faith?

Is there a special spiritual undertaking which can help in improving one’s livelihood?

My daughter asks why Grandma died

Can women return in a reincarnation?

Is there a power to my thoughts?

questions on theft

Oral Torah

How to uproot chutzpah from teenagers?

Can a woman ride a horse?

relationship with a married man

Can the messiah be from the priest class (a Cohen)?

About Cain

On the aftermath of the Jerusalem synagogue massacre

18 Year Old Youth

The commandment of education

Watching the children

Will terrorists be punished for their deeds?

What color clothes may one not wear?

How Can we Fulfill the Recollection of Going Out of Egypt if Archeological Findings Claim Differently?

Jewish traditions in naming

The Days a Person is Allotted For His Life

What is prophecy?

What is the Basis for Hidabroot's approach

Is static electricity a desecration of Shabbat?

Does Judaism really lead to greater happiness?

Even if I intermarry, I still intend on bringing my children up Jewish.

Will gentiles be resurrected from the dead?

Assyrian script

Can I go to the movies?

Are Arabs in control of the Land of Israel?

Is it permissible to cry on Shabbat out of excitement?

Educating children to respect their parents from the age of 3

I Need Strength to Continue

Judaism takes you “out of the world”.



Why is there a custom to put some water in the wine of kiddush?

question from minsk

Book of Zohar

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