Prayer Against Curses

Pyramids, who built them?

Question about working


Educating the child

How to spend quality time with the kids?

Tisha B’Av fast for an 11.5-year-old girl

Atonement for causing a seminal emission

The purpose of Adam

Can I do work before hearing Havdala after Shabbat?

Ensuring our Safety

How do they judge a person in heaven?

Can one pre-set a dishwasher before Shabbat so it will start working on Shabbat?

Why kill a lot of animals to make one shtreimel?

Where is the source for this law of a married woman covering her hair mentioned?


Not to embarrass

Rabbi Ovadia’s Statement

I have many dreams about demons

Should teenagers be forced to go to the synagogue on the Shabbat

Is it permitted to carry weapons on Shabbat?

Buying an apartment from a divorced couple

kashrut in non Israeli cosmetics

Laws governing a Jewish father’s relationship with his non-Jewish daughter

studying islam

Bread from meat meal for milk meal?

Was Adam a Jew?

Washing the hands of a baby

Can an Orthodox Jew have the Internet at home?

Is a child obligated to obey his parents concerning who he dates for marriage?

Questions about education

Can I Pass My Sins to Someone Else to Repent For me?

Why do Jews from various parts of the world look different?

Want to become Jewish

Questions about a deceased


Having hot chocolate after eating chicken

May I buy from a store that is open on Shabbat?

How to get children to keep Shabbat?

What games are children allowed to play on Shabbat?

To Pray Despite the Sin

What is the correct way to become religious?

Establish a rabbi for yourself

Can a woman wear the wig of someone else`s or animal hair?

fears and phobies

In college, they criticized the Torah and I remained silent - was this a desecration of G-d?


Questions on applying creams and gels on Shabbat; and a jigsaw puzzle

What did our forefathers study before the Torah was given?

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