Segulah for Marriage

Presentation / lecture before a mixed audience

How does one prepare a bottle for a baby on Shabbat?

Why Don't married men need to cover their heads like women do?

Thinking Positively and Achieving Peace

Why are there youths who throw off Judaism in our time?

Until what age should I stay at home with the baby in the house?



Which Agent Should I Use?

I don't know which prayers to pray

Speed of Light

Daughter and son sharing a room

Were all of us created from Adam and Eve?

Job’s wish to die

a hard question from paris

Does G-d want us to do the commandments without any emotional input?

Dressing a child with clothes that have pictures of animals on them



Sexual identity problem

Man Vs. Animal

What exactly does conversion change?

immersion in a river near uman

If I'm not near a Synagogue can I read Zachor by myself or from a Chumash (printed Torah)?

Educating Little Girls

What should a person do who has a ’bad’ name?

Honoring Deceased Parents

The purpose of suffering

How Do I Prove I'm Jewish?

Cooking on Chag With an Electric Stovetop

Who wrote the Grace after Meals (Birchat Ha-Mazon)?

Bracha on /rice noodles/rice paper?

The generation of the desert

Religious kindergarten education

How can we know that the Jews are really the Chosen people?


Honor your parents to live long

How do I change a bad atmosphere at home?

Strengthening the path

Is it right to give children pocket money?

Why do we need soldiers?

Is it a problem if Jews see my videos on Shabbat?

How to approach my daughter? Urgent ............

30 and looking

Where Should one begin from in Learning Torah?

Gentiles, Reincarnation and souls

Birthdays in Judaism

Help to find a school for my child

Can I give someone secular songs?

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