Community Rabbis Ask

Dream about a fish

Conversion of adopted children

Are non-Jews commanded to be careful of seed?


Girls Whistling

Marriage Consecration by a Woman

who is a jew

Age of 60

Different types of Kaddish

Response on Shabbat

Talking During the Wedding Ceremony

What Good is Gehinnom?

Dealing with Pressures of Life

War Before the Messiah

Meaning of Dreams

Can a woman be a caretaker for a diabetic man?

Songs in the Haggadah

The ten tribes

Shaving with a Razor

Uncircumcised child

Judaism is the best option for a Jew

bracha and advice

Torah Reading under the age of 13

An additional questin i was asked following Harav Zamir Cohen’s visit in Baltimore

palm reading

Seven Days of Mourning

Free Choice and Suicide

Correct Pronunciation Hebrew Words

Organ Donation

Psalms at Night

Additional questions from Baltimore

A Long Skirt without socks

Children Laughing in Their Sleep

Terminally ill patient and suffering

Why is There Pain in This World?

Does Permitted Use of Contraceptives negate Faith in G-d?

Why does the Tanach end where it ends?

Messianic Era

And Avraham returned to his son

Where is the World's goodness?

Two Resurrections

Shopping from Shop open on Shabbat

Amniocentesis & Abortion

The World is a Cruel Place for Jews

question of a divorcee here in our community in philadelpia

Free Choice

What are Jewish responses to suffering? What should our response be to someone else’s pain? What should our response be to our own pain?

Differences of opinion in matters of Halachah and customs

student asked me

Martians and Aliens what does the Torah say about them?

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