Father Gives 3-Year-Old A Kidney After She Nearly Dies of a Stroke

A father in England saved his toddler's life after it was discovered that his kidney was a match to hers.

Esme Chester, 3, suffered kidney failure last year followed by a life-threatening stroke. After the stroke, Esme had to learn to walk and eat again, and spent her third birthday In the renal ward. She spent 14 months, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week on a dialysis machine to clean her blood.

Knowing that only a new kidney would save her life, tests were done on family members. Her father Lee, 37, was the best match.

Knowing he could help his daughter live a normal life, he didn't think twice. The two underwent the operation last Thursday and are now recovering.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Chester, an account manager for Canon UK, said: “This is something that any parent would do, you just say yes, it’s in the terms. We are both doing really well. I'm so glad it's gone well for Esme. She's eating mashed potato in bed.”

The family also believe that Esme will be a much stronger person for all she has had to face.

Lee said: ‘She’s spent so long on the renal ward she struts around like she owns it, bossing all the staff around.’

Now that the operation is over, the family is planning to get Esme’s life back on track. While keeping a close eye on her health to make sure Esme’s body has fully accepted the kidney, they hope she will be able to take up her place at pre-school in September.


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