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Fifty Percent of Israel’s Jews Don’t Believe Peace is Possible

Israel news:

The security cabinet acquiesced to Abu Mazen’s requests to provide less electricity to Gaza. He doesn’t want to pay that much for a place that he has little control over. He claimed the Hamas uses the electricity to make weapons and tunnels.

Homeland security minister Gilad Erdan canceled a meeting with German parliament members who refused to meet in East Jerusalem. He said: “I won’t enable Europe’s boycott on East Jerusalem.”  

50% of Israel’s Jews Don’t Believe Peace is Possible: A special survey shows that Israeli Jews believe less and less in the chance for peace in the near future. 50% don’t believe it’s at all possible 43% give it little chance and only 3% say chances for peace are high.

The soldier that fled and was demoted says: “I was unarmed and I got scared.” The IDF’s response was: “You should have attempted to make contact.”

World news:

Melania and Baron Trump have moved to the White House. Almost a half year after the elections when President Trump moved to the White House, he is now being joined by his wife and son.

UK PM Theresa May formed a coalition and appointed one of her bitter adversaries a minister. May left most of the ministers in their posts but she appointed Michael Gove, a Brexit supporter but one of May’s sharp critics to the post of Minister of the Environment.

The final count in France shows Macron’s party will have about 75% of the Parliament seats effectively replacing the whole previous government’s political positions.

Kansas joined another 20 states that made anti–BDS laws. Companies who boycott Israel will not be able to do business with Kansas.


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