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Five-Month-Old Girl in Britain is Youngest Double Lung Transplant Patient

Five-month-old Imogen Bolton received a double lung transplant during a seven-hour operation earlier this year at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). She is believed the youngest child in Europe to have ever had the surgery.

Imogen appeared healthy at birth but developed a respiratory infection when she was a few weeks old. She was admitted to a hospital near her home in Brighton several times with breathing problems. Finally she was sent to a London hospital where they did extensive testing and discovered she had Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia (ACD), an extremely rare condition with only a few known cases worldwide.

Imogen was put on the transplant waiting list, and her family steeled themselves for the usual long waiting time. To their delight, just a week later, she was found a match and the operation was done.

Imogen's mother Hayley said: “It all happened so suddenly. After the complete emotional rollercoaster we had all been through, it was a huge relief to see things heading in the right direction. The difference was amazing, and a few weeks after the transplant Imogen was back to her usual chirpy self with a smile for everyone.”

After several months in hospital, Imogen was discharged and is back home. 


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