Forgive Us for Existing

This week a new synagogue was dedicated in the Kotel Tunnels. It was funded by millionaire Yitzchak Teshuva. For pictures of it click here.
The planning and building of the synagogue was a 12 year effort of strengthening the tunnel walls and some serious archaeology and preservation. The synagogue is located very close to where the “Holy of Holies” is near the ‘great rock’

However not everyone sees this synagogue as a positive development. The Palestinian Grand Mufti, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein denounced it and stated his opposition to it. He called building the Synagogue a “‘blatant violation’ and a true provocation hurting the feelings of Palestinians.” He also called it “an attempt to erase Muslim history and stamp the false Jewish stamp on the area.”

The Mufti maintains that Al-Aksa and the city Al-Quds (which means by the temple) are of Arab Islamic identity and any attempt to legitimize the conquering forces are without basis and contravene international law. “We reiterate that Al-Quds is an integral part of the captured Palestinian lands and there is no legitimacy for the conquest on the smallest part of our land.”

This type of blatant lying is not a natural phenomenon. The truth is so obvious yet concealed by the Palestinians and their accomplices around the world, the nations who always have something to say against Israel. If we would believe all this falsehood we would need to apologize for living and ask for a merciful death. But we needn’t believe this narrative even if the whole world sings it from every street corner. We just have to want our holy land more than the Palestinians want it and we will find the voice of opposition to our existence disappears.


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