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Four Wounded in Tel Aviv Terror Attack

Sunday a Palestinian terrorist managed to get into the Herod’s Tel Aviv Hotel. Cameras showed how he entered and roamed around the lobby. He then entered the gallery and stabbed the saleslady and her husband near her. He then ran to the lobby stabbed another man in the back and fled the hotel through the main door where he was caught by police.

The police immediately called it a terror attack. Magen David Adom reported evacuating the victims, 3 men and one woman all slightly wounded, to the hospital.

Eren Carmel, a Magen David Adom emergency responder recounts: “When I came to the terror scene I was brought to three people wounded two men and a woman who were conscious and suffered from wounds to their heads and extremities. We administered first aid to them and they were brought to the hospital in lightly wounded and in stable condition.”

Muhammad Arabi another MDA first responder at the scene said: “A 70 year old man was lying on the pavement fully conscious and suffering from ‘dry wounds’ (from getting hit). I was told that he was attacked by a man and fell down. We gave him medical attention on the spot and sent him to the hospital in light and stable condition.”

The police brought the attacker to the General Security Service GSS for interrogation.  

See you tube of hotel camera footage



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