G-d, Please Make a lot of Weddings this Year

Kol Nidrei was heard around the world in every language

5758 is coming onstage after 5757 collected its equipment and exited the stage

With whatever happened in the last 365 days

Marking a check next to all the single people who got married this year

And gathering the tears from those that didn’t

The happiness and the despair

The loneliness and the pain

And the deep pain heard in the voice of those shouting out daily

Who wait alone in the waiting room of life.

5758 is here still wrapped in its nylon packaging

Spreading a message of hope to all those waiting and shouting the shout no one will hear

And up in heaven in the upper worlds, what’s going on?

The angels a hurry through and fro and tremble, today is the day of signing, the last chance

The court is in session and the angels run hurriedly with documents in their hands

Which say what will be with me and everyone else in the year 5758

And the gates are about to close…

I’m in between all the angels running and trying to pass others and an angel stops me at the gate

I put my foot in the closing gate and hand the angle my tear drenched note

Full of cries no one will hear

“Please give this to the judge” I shout

The note has no words on it; it’s worn out and soaked from tears and pain

My Father, I want to be your promoter in this world!

Do You know what a promotion it is to establish a Jewish home?

A home that’s a factory for creating Torah and good deeds 24/7 is good for ratings

Father I want to establish a Jewish home this year in order to publicize your name in this world

There are thousands of singles crying a cry no one will hear, but You hear them!

Today you will sign on this.

5758 enter, spread a lot of happiness and make a lot of weddings!



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