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G-d Will Bless You and You’ll Pay Back Your Debts.

The man that walked into Rabbi Kanievsky’s room looked broken and depressed.  “Rabbi,” he asked without delay, “my situation is very difficult. I got into deep debt  that's a hundred fifty thousand shekel and I don't know how to pay it back!”

Rabbi Chaim listened to the man and asked questions about his life and at the end he instructed him: “Move from where you live. The place you live is not suitable for raising your children.”  “Indeed’ the man humbly replied, “Recently I saw a piece of land in Givatayim which was proposed to me to buy and build my house there. But in order to buy the land I have to borrow even more and it would be even more difficult for me than it is now.” But Rabbi Chaim was decisive: “Move and G-d will help you find that money and pay up all your debts”.

The man did need any more than that. He accepted Rabbi Chaim’s words totally, Rabbi Chaim blessed him with “blessings and success” and the man left.

A month passed by and the man came before Rabbi Chaim again this time with a dull bag dirty from sand and his face gave away that he was very emotional about it. “Does the Rabbi remember me”? and without waiting for an answer he said, “I was here a month ago and I explained about my great debt that I owed and you told me to move and gave me a blessing that with God's help I will find the money to finish up paying all my debts. I came to tell the Rabbi that his blessing was totally fulfilled just as he said.

“I took out loans and I bought the land and a few days ago we went with a tractor up on the land to level it. Yesterday in the middle of digging the workers dug up this bag.” The man opened the bag and dug out a handful of shiny gold coins. “Honorable Rabbi this bag has over one hundred and fifty gold coins that someone hid in the ground many years ago. Each coin is worth over a thousand shekel today. Everything in this bag totals 150,000 shekel. The Rabbi’s blessing was fulfilled!” the man said and his eyes were sparkling with tears.

Everyone was swept away with his emotion except for Rabbi Chaim who answered very calmly,” You should have blessing and success”.


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