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Gaddafi is my Cousin says Elderly Jewish Woman

Gita Boaron, a Jewish woman originally from Libya claims: “The grandmother of Gaddafi that was killed is my mothers’ sister that was forced to convert to Islam. He always loved the Jews but then he started saying things against them. Two weeks after that the upheavals started.”  

“My mother’s sister converted to Islam and married a sheikh. She had children and Gaddafi was one of her grandchildren”, claims Gita Boaron.
Moammar Gaddafi was the dictator of Libya whose rule ended when he was assassinated by a group of rebels that captured and lynched him.
Boaron explains that; “originally this woman was once married to a Jew and had a son. This Jew moved to Israel (evidently after a divorce) and she stayed in Libya. It’s not clear to me if this half-brother of Gaddafi is alive but I knew Gaddafi himself since he was a little boy. It’s also not clear that Gaddafi’s family in Libya knows about his Jewish roots but our family was well aware of it. We all made aliya to Israel and my mother’s sister stayed behind.

“There’s no place like Israel” Gita says with a big smile. “We had no doubts about coming!”

“At a certain point Gaddafi used his status as a ruler to harm the Jews in his country. WE were surprised because originally he always liked the Jews and never caused them any harm. We never heard him speak out against Israel. It was always said that he is connected to the Jews and that his son was even planning to marry a Jewish woman. He might have even married her; there was a wedding publicized in the media.

As soon as he started speaking out against the Jews and on Israel I said: “He is going to get what’s coming to him”! Two weeks later the unrest and hatred toward him started,” Boaron recalled.  

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