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Gaza is Getting Electricity Again But Israel is Not Getting its Kidnapped Soldiers

Israel news:

Electricity is coming back to Gaza and the Goldin and Shaul families are furious that Hamas is getting anything from Israel without getting the bodies of their sons back for burial. Mrs. Goldin said “this is surrender to Hamas which violates all standards of law and humanity including Muslim law by keeping the bodies of our kidnapped children.”

Israel police issue a record breaking 1700 tickets for violations in 4 days from Thursday through Sunday. 60 drivers were DUI, 340 were caught speeding and over 200 were driving while holding a cell phone. 100 drivers had their licenses revoked and received a summons to a court hearing and 70 vehicles were impounded due to violations.

Israel develops seedless lemon in the Arava research center in Moshav Hatzeiva. They are growing 20 tons a year now per 5 dunam of land (just over an acre). On Tu Beshvat, in 3 weeks Israel is having an agricultural fair in the Arava at the Yair Research Station and this lemon will be on display amongst hundreds of other Israeli agricultural innovations.

World news:

Egypt denies New York Times report that Egypt is for Jerusalem being Israel’s capital: The Egyptian information center stated: “It’s not proper that a large news agency like the New York Times would publish such a thing. Leaks from an individual do not constitute a statement of government position on the matter… our positions are clearly stated by the President, the foreign minister and official channels.”

Australia temperatures hit 80 year record highs as 47.30 C (117.14℉) was registered in Sydney yesterday. This temperature approaches a record high of 47.80 C (118.04℉) held since 1939. People hit the beaches and pools in large numbers to cool off. If they really want to cool off they can visit the East Coast of the US!

Chocolate lovers start praying: According to experts there will be a cocoa bean shortage real soon. Doug Hawkins, a British investor in agricultural investments says that cocoa growers are small independent growers that use primitive methods which can’t cope with environmental changes. Based on this, an American study predicts that in the years approaching 2050 90% of the 290 places that grow cocoa beans won’t be able to continue to do so. But the daily mail is confident that there are enough chocolate lovers in the world to find a solution to this and modernize growing methods. (The alternative, not having chocolate in this world is unthinkable!)


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