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God is Black

   וָאֵרָ֗א אֶל־אַבְרָהָ֛ם אֶל־יִצְחָ֥ק וְאֶֽל־יַעֲקֹ֖ב בְּאֵ֣ל שַׁדָּ֑י וּשְׁמִ֣י יְהוָ֔ה לֹ֥א נוֹדַ֖עְתִּי לָהֶֽם: (שמות ב:ו)     
I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as El Shaddai, but I did not make Myself known to them by My name, Hashem.
(Exodus 6:2).

Who is ‘God?’  The term ‘God’ is spent, overused and has lost its meaning.  In fact the term ‘God’ causes many to avoid the topic of religion entirely.  This is a likely result of both ancient and modern cultures seeing the role of ‘God’ in human terms, but also having put a face to the concept, creating an even more optically oppressive challenge to ration.   The anthropomorphic, floating enterprise quickly becomes a cartoon non-starter to the intellect.

Enter science and Einstein’s unified field theory.  Basically, the theory says that one overriding physical force unifies and guides the four  main physical forces in the universe: a strong force, weak force, electromagnetism and gravity.  And, just like it is both rationally and religiously passé to believe that the sun rules over the moon, is likewise so to think that the electromagnetic force rules over gravity.    Each individual power affects the other, but neither exerts full impact or control.  

The unified organizing force is the same infinite force that formed the universe ex nihilo, bringing a finite dense grain of energetic light into existence, only to shatter it into six directions from the center.   From this center point emerged not only all physical space, but also the beginning of time.

But that small finite grain of newly condensed energetic light, after an initial extraordinarily rapid expansion, cooled and formed the physical universe that we know today.    Our physical reality is thus derived from the original, fractured light energy, and thus the iconic statement emerged: E=mc2.   In other words, physical existence is derived from pure energy, and at their core, humans are fractured light. 

Yet this light-based, atomic existence, including milky ways, planets, humans and stars, is less than 5% of overall reality.  Greater than 95% of the universe is made of what physics calls ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy,’ neither of which is understood.  This tiny physical light universe, far from slowing down, is currently expanding through the dark matter and dark energy more and more rapidly every day.   And the original, unseen, infinitely unifying force, which split the this original atomic light energy into multiplicities, is still actively involved in every detail of that split to this day.    Thus, the universe is both split by and connected to the infinite darkness simultaneously.  Welcome to the mystery of physical time and space.

There is no clear scientific name for this one, originating force, however.  Most scientists are fairly confident, however, that the invisible bodiless creative force exists.   And, not only has this unseen unifier created all physical nature, but it continues to flash physical reality onto the screen of darkness.  Some physicists even posit that the earth and entire universe is likened to a hologram, literally.   And, while humans happily try to manipulate atoms and their four physical forces throughout the week, the unifying force still exerts more control over them than we ever can. 

In fact, every physical object is governed by this one force phenomenon, not the least of which is the human body.  The brain particularly is not exempt of that organizing creative control.  The physical function of the human’s jelly-like brain—made of water, protein, sugar and salt—is highly regulated by the infinite unifying force, via the four sub-forces.  

The scientifically honest reader knows that if the gravitational pull of the moon can move vast ocean tides, it must also be moving the miniature boxed-in human brain.

Gravity and her three friends not only mold the functionality of the brain, but also maintain the brain’s contour and suspend it under the calvarium, in the best case scenario.  It is scientifically clear that if the four forces were to be mathematically skewed by even the most minute quantity or disconnected in any way, each would act discordantly, unchecked, and the physical brain would be left lifeless—never mind the entire universe.   The unifying force is the key in keeping these four forces in check and balance.  Indeed, neurotransmitter production, brain position and water absorption are thus entirely dependent on the one unifying force which is masked in its atomic nature.

Enter thought.  Add ethereal independent human thought to this already complex physical equation.  Thought, intelligence and choice are all prized unseen possessions and distinctions of the human, yet their physical nature is scientifically unclear, if they are at all physical.   

Surely, thoughts require the physical neurotransmitters traversing neurosynaptic junctions, jumping from nerve to nerve conduit, to be turned into physical action.   But not even the most devout scientist, believes that the origin of thoughts is simply a reservoir of premature neurochemical emissions.  Rather, thoughts must have an origin in a higher organizational consciousness, beyond the atomic brain.  If, indeed, a human would consist of only physicality, devoid of original ethereal thought, ideas and free choice, he would be be nothing more than a thumb-nosed, salt bag, bathed in neurotransmitters.

Even the most devout secular scientist would have a difficult time arguing that independent thought is confined to the realm of the finite skull, which shares atomic stuctures with both popcorn and peanuts.   That is to say that the essence of an ‘idea’ or ‘free choice’ remains suspended above the physicality of nature, while forced to traverse it.

But what is the source and nature of ‘idea’ or ‘thought’?  Is it influenced and changed by the physical forces described above, given that it is doomed to pass through them?  Or, if a thought is indeed independent of the finite physical light-energy, is human ‘choice’ derived from the original unseen infinite creative force?   Many questions are asked and left unanswered in order to raise the complexity of ideas and free choice in their interplay between the physical and the ethereal, or spiritual.   Can one be totally independent of each other?

Enter our magical world.  Indeed physicality and unseen thought are deeply interconnected.  Bridges from the world of choice of and the physical world are constantly being built and destroyed by the human being.    Humans actuate and break decisions all week long in this delicate dynamic.  The combination of finite seen and infinite unseen worlds is experienced in our world of action; the world of action blends infinite choice within the confines of finite physicality.   

When a human engages in pure independent thought or choice, the original infinite blackness that lies beyond time and space is accessed.  It is this moment where the human resembles the original colorless thought that existed prior to physicality, the conceptualization of a dark infinity prior to the creation of infinite light.   It was this original infinite thought that formed the light, that took an idea an turned it into reality, that took a choice and created the universe, turning pure quiet darkness into loud explosive light, by injecting it into pure darkness.

Enter Torah.   The Torah brought that concept into practice on earth.  Kabbalah, Torah’s deeper teachings, tells us that the colorless black void is indeed the original creative force, which consciously emanates all of creation, using a newly formed infinite light as a tool.  This fresh tool of infinite light is highly filtered, dispersing the light into a multitude of colors that we experience daily.  The Infinite Oneness, however, actively turns black to white on a second by second basis, so that our reality becomes palpable.   

The Infinite colorless blackness injected the white laser, beaming from its original concentrated finite point of light.   Yet the Infinite Creator, ultimately devoid of color, is described as not simply clear, but literally ‘black’ in Judaism.  This makes sense in the space time continuum where clear appears black, while the subsequent creation—white light—contains all other colors of the rainbow.  

That is to say that the origin of all spiritual worlds is entirely black, without color, and the physical world is composed of entirely white, containing a range of visible color.   Yet the very highest aspect of the unifying Creator of all universes is ultimately a quiet blackness.   And not only the Infinite unifying creator is black, as Kabbalah teaches, but is feminine at the core, not in the physical aspect, rather the spiritual one. 

As the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, otherwise known as the Ramak writes in his book, “The Garden of Pomegranates”

נקרא חשך ושחרות בחינה אחרונה שבו בחינת הנקבות שבו שהוא אוכמא נוקבא

[The Infinite Creator] is called darkness and blackness after His final aspect, the aspect of His femininity, which is a black void.


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