Good Old Fashioned Russian Anti-Semitism Rears its Ugly Head

A senior member of the Russian ministry of justice got the Russian Jewish community up in arms over her statement that “the ministry will investigate both historically and psychologically if Czar Nicholas, Russia's last Czar who was killed together with his family wasn't killed for Jewish religious purposes.”

A Catholic Bishop from the Russian Orthodox Church also participated in the same forum and said: “The church has no doubt that the murder was done for religious purposes.”

The Organization of Jewish Communities in Russia affiliated with Chabad expressed deep shock from these words they characterized as:  “A shocking expression of an anti-Semitic myth”.

Czar Nicholas II was the last czar from the Romanov family and was taken out to court martial and shot with his wife his son and 4 daughters during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918 ending Czarist rule and ushering in Communist rule.  An old Anti-Semitic myth says the murders were for Jewish Religious purposes meaning a blood libel. What contributed to thi9s myth was the fact that many prominent Bolsheviks were Jewish but none were actually religious.

In 2010 an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the killing of the royal family was initiated and this investigation sprouted forth the outpouring of people repeating the anti-Semitic myth.

The Organization of Jewish Communities points out that: “It is clear that the murderers of Czar Nicholas and his family were atheists that believed in no power other than their own. Blaming the Jews is based on nothing but anti-Semitic propaganda a few decades old and therefore the Jews look at this with great worry.” 


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