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Hamas: “We’re Not Interested in War”

Israel News:

The Palestinian Authority closed down websites associated with Muhammad Dahlan and the Hamas.

Hamas doesn’t want war according to Halil Al-Haya the Hamas second in command. He said: “We aren’t interested in a war with Israel and don’t hope for such a thing.” This was said in light of the potential for an uprising in Gaza from having electricity cut.

World News:

The fire in Portugal has claimed the lives of 61 people so far. Portugal has declared 3 days of national mourning.

Iraq: The Iraqi army launched a concentrated offensive on the old city of Mosul. This is the last ISIS stronghold left in the city.  

West Greenland: An earthquake that was 4 on the Richter scale caused a tsunami. At least 4 people are missing.

Terror Attack in Mali: Radical Jihadist Muslims attacked a tourist lodge at the outskirts of Bamako the capital of Mali. There was gunfire and explosions around the resort and as of this writing there is still an undetermined amount of hostages.  UN soldiers were trying to defend the area along with a special anti-terror force that surrounded the area.

Congressman Steve Scalise is no longer critically injured and is now in serious condition. The doctors have stabilized his hemorrhaging but they must continue to prevent infections as they seek to fix the injury which was from a bullet going into one side of his pelvis and going out the other side. This may involve healing the bones and any organs that may have been in harm’s way as the bullet passed through like the intestines or other internal organs.

58 people are presumed to be dead in the Grenfell Tower fire. It may take weeks until all the bodies are recovered. The cladding used to cover and insulate the building has been banned in the UK as it poses a fire hazard.


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