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Happy Mother of (20) Children

A woman from the Meah Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem just gave birth to her 20th child yesterday (Wednesday) evening in Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital. Her doctors believe she set new records in Israel for one mother giving birth to so many children. Professor Simcha Yagel, head of the women’s and maternity wards explains: “Around the world there are cases of women who gave birth to more children, but this is the first one in Israel that we know of.”

This woman is 42 years old and this was her 19th pregnancy because from one pregnancy she ended up giving birth to twins boys. The midwife who helped this woman talks of this exciting birth which she’ll remember for a long time: “I was told this would be her 19th birth and as a midwife I like to get to know the woman about to give birth that I’m about to help. The relationship between the mother and the midwife is very important so I started asking her about her previous births to get to know her better.”

The midwife says the woman was “calm and relaxed” and in a few short hours she was holding her healthy newborn son, born from a normal delivery with no complications. “The mother was very emotional when receiving the baby in her arms and this shows that she has the same love and emotions for every baby born to her, no matter how many children she has at home”, the midwife concludes.


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