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Haredi Orthodox Couple Treats 50 IDF Soldiers to Ice Cream

Tamar Zeitlin is an artist that shared a post on her Facebook page that was heartwarming and went viral in a short time. In the Mamilla Pedestrian Mall as she sat having an ice cream a group of 50 young men and women in their IDF soldier uniforms passed by in the middle of a guided tour from their supervising officer. Suddenly the Haredi religious couple got up and asked them all to take an ice cream on their bill,” writes Zeitlin and added: “In these days where there is so much division and hate it was very emotional to see this beautiful gesture to our soldiers.”

After the soldiers left and the ice cream parlor quieted down again Tamar went over to the couple to tell her how nice their gesture was. The woman named Zipporah looked right at her and responded with tears in her eyes: “They are like my own children.”
In the post she put added a picture capturing the moment and asked people to share it “to spread love”.

A soldier named Linda Sachakov sent her response to the post: “We’re the cadets of Training Camp One and we want to say thank you and this is not something to be taken for granted. We were in the middle of a tour in Jerusalem and we stopped opposite the ice cream parlor to listen to an explanation from our guide when Zipporah came and stopped the guide. She surprised all of us when she invited us all for ice cream. It gladdened all of our hearts and we were all grateful. It’s all the small things that gladden your day. Thank you again to Zipporah and her husband for their invitation to us.”


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