Hebron: Where Do We Stand? Will Museums Help?

Netanyahu opened the session in the Knesset this morning with reading the verses of the Torah portion of Chayei Sara which talks about our forefather Abraham who bought for full price the Cave of the Machpela and the adjacent field from the Hittites.

He then said that “the Jewish nation’s ties to it are both legal possession by purchase and historical which may have nothing comparable in the history of any nation. This of course didn’t disturb UNESCO from deciding the Machpela Caves are a Palestinian Heritage Site.”

So here’s his solution. “I decided to cut $1 million UNESCO funding and use it to build a Hebron heritage museum in Kiryat Arba.”

For Jerusalem he gave a similar solution: about UNESCO’s denying Jewish ties to Jerusalem. “I instructed to complete the process of the Kedem center to display the historical artifacts of the City of David. The first guests we will invite are the UNESCO officials.”

One small question: If thousands of years of history don’t convince anyone of our claims, why should 2 museums? One is reminded of the traffic signs telling the cars how to drive and another sign saying, “Listen to all the signs”. Yeah, that’ll help!
torah meaning
Here’s another gaffe that Netanyahu who knows something about our history would never do. In the Yedioth Acharonoth newspaper, a reporter wrote that our matriarch Rachel was buried in the Machpela caves. An obvious mistake they needed to apologize for which to their credit they did. But isn’t it shameful that a reporter couldn’t recall who was buried in the Machpela caves and where our matriarch Rachel is really buried. Maybe the first visitors to the museum should be the reporters and probably another 20% of our citizens who may also have a hard time answering the question.This should not be misconstued as an attack but rather decrying the sad state we are in as a nation.

The problem with museums is that they are all about the past. Does our leadership G-d forbid concede we have no future in Hebron and in Jerusalem? Shouldn't 20,000 Jewish apartments in Hebron and another 20,000 in Jerusalem in the next 2 years be our response to UNESCO and the world and mainly to ouselves and G-d who gave us the land?

Do we want these places as badly as our enemies do? Even your average Ahmed probably knows where Rachel is buried?


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