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Heralding Life After Tragedy: Sarah Tehiya Litman Gives Birth

Tehiya’s father, Rabbi Yaakov Litman, as well as her brother, Netanel, were murdered 11 months ago by terrorists as they drove south of Hebron towards Meitar. They were on the way to join the groom when he was called up to the Torah during the Shabbat morning service in honor of his marriage.

The terrorists waited on the side of the road as the car passed and opened fire, hitting Rabbi Litman and Netanel, as well as lightly injuring a 16-year-old son. The mother and three of their daughters, were also lightly injured in the attack.

Sarah Tehiya and Ariel Beigel’s wedding were postponed for the week of mourning, but when it took place, thousands came from all over Israel and the world to give encouragement to the couple.


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