How Can You Light Up Your Life?

You find a great screen blocking you from seeing salvation, what is it? how can you remove it?

The verse in this week’s Torah portion says:

“And Moses cried out to G-d saying: Mighty G-d please heal her please! This verse teaches us the proper way; a person who needs to ask for something from his friend should start with two or three supplications and then proceed to his request. (Moses) wanted to ask a favor and ‘please’ is a word of supplication to arouse compassion.” (Numbers 12,13 Rashi and Ohr Hachaim)

You may be looking to light up your life flame after flame, to surround yourself with bright candles and constantly add oil to them to bring the light of compassion to those all around you; you want that same G-dly compassion to envelope you and calm your soul from the storms around it and daily events. You pray and send your request yet find it hasn’t yet been answered and you add in more supplications. You ask your father that loves you and is full of kindness to bring your salvation. Your lips move in prayer asking for this again and again. A cry from inside you says ‘G-d if I find favor in Your eyes please answer my prayers.”

Please Now!  “And he (Moses) said (to Jethro) don’t leave us for you know our encampment in the desert and you can lead us.” The Ohr Hachaim says “it would be a desecration of G-d’s name for Jethro to leave for it would seem that he saw the faith of Israel and understood it and then rejected it because their faith isn’t the true one.”

Moses asked Jethro not to leave in order to prevent the desecration of G-d’s name if people think he is rejecting Judaism. Likewise when we pray we can ask G-d not to leave us now so everyone around will see that you answered me and their faith will be strengthened!

A gentle please…  “And he (G-d) said “Please Listen to my words. If your prophets (get a message) G-d will appear to him in a dream I will speak to him”. Even though G-d was angry and he left them afterwards still his ‘please’ was gentle and not said from anger so that his words would be accepted. All the more so a mere flesh and blood person should speak gently.” (Siftei Chachamim)
When G-d reprimands Aaron and Miriam for talking against Moses he speaks gently for his words to be accepted. Likewise your prayers should be gentle and not from inner anger to G-d. He doesn’t owe us anything and we need to ask, beseeching Him to give from His treasure house of kindness in a gentle way so G-d can accept it.

Please forgive… “And Aaron said to Moses my master please don’t place blame on us for our sin”. The Ohr Hachaim says that this tells us Moses took offense at their words and that’s why Aaron asked for his forgiveness.
Aaron is troubled that Moses was offended from their words said about him and he asks forgiveness. When you stand before G-d, ask for forgiveness on your deeds. Sin is like a barrier that can block the good things G-d wants to send from reaching you. When you regret the bad things you may have done G-d will forgive you and hasten your salvation.

Please from you… “Moses said: “If this is what you are doing to me please kill me if I find favor in your eyes and I won’t see my bad” Moses uses the feminine ‘you’ when saying if this is what you are doing. This feminine ‘you’ is not to hint at any weakness in G-d rather it hints at the feminine trait of being able to nurse and provide nurturing and quench their thirst. (This prayer was said after the Jews in the desert complained they wanted meat.) (Klei Yakar, Numbers 11, 15)

Moses tells G-d he can’t take the burden of the nation and their complaints but the Creator can for he is like the female that nurses her child and calms him always. We too should raise our eyes to G-d and beg him for only he can carry us and embrace us in his arms and nurse us with his warm happy milk that brings calmness with it.

May G-d help you light up your life with the good he showers upon you! Shabbat Shalom!

Dedicated in memory of Rebecca Jenny Sofire, the author’s cousin.


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