How Much do You Pay for the Half Shekel Mitzva?

The month of Adar is here! This past Shabbat we read Parshat Shekalim about the mitzva to give the  Half Shekel. It is a custom in Adar to give the half shekel to remember the original half shekel we used to give in the time of the temple. For more information about the custom in depth :

In most congregations the half shekel is given before Mincha (afternoon prayer) on the Fast of Esther which is normally the day before Purim though it can be given for the duration of the month of Adar. It should be pointed out that though this money is generally given to the poor, you cannot give it from tithed money.

What amount should be given to fulfill the requirement of this mitzva? The basic opinion is to give a half of the local denomination where you live; in Israel 3 half shekel coins, in the U.S 3 half dollar coins etc.

Our digest will deal with the opinion that it should represent one half shekel of pure silver. There are two opinions as to how much silver that is. One opinion is that a half a shekel is 9.6 grams of pure silver and there is a more lenient opinion that says 8.5 grams.

These silver prices are correct for February 28th 2017 and can be updated by looking at a exchange site at the time you give if you are giving according to this opinion that the half shekel should represent a half shekel of pure silver. 

Opinion 1:  $5.65
Opinion 2: $5.00

Opinion 1: 20.67 IlS
Opinion 2: 18.30 IlS

Opinion1: $7.45
Opinion 2: $6.60

Opinion 1: $87.37 peso
Opinion 2: $77.36 peso

Opinion 1: 5.33 euro
Opinion 2: 4.72 euro

Opinion 1: 4.3 pound sterling
Opinion 2: 4.02 pound sterling


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