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How Much Was Hitler’s Phone Auctioned Off For?

The most murderous weapon of all times – Hitler’s personal telephone was auctioned off on Sunday.

It’s an antique phone a black phone that was painted red that served Hitler during World War Two. He painted it red and had his name engraved in it together with a swastika.  At the end of the war the phone was found in Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. The Russian officers that found the phone gave it as a gift to British General Ralph Raynor who bequeathed it to his son who put it up for auction.

The auction house in describing the phone called it “arguably the most destructive ‘weapon’ of all time…It would be impossible to find a more impactful relic than the primary tool used by the most evil man in history,” the auction house said. “This was not a staid office telephone. This was Hitler’s mobile device of destruction.”

“This was Hitler's personal instrument of death,” he said. “It is a very sinister piece of equipment, when you think about what it was used for…The orders Hitler shouted down the phone's mouthpiece, many of which are recorded in history, are a lesson we should never forget.”

On Sunday the phone was auctioned off for $243,000 after the starting bid was $100,000. The winner of the auction chose to remain anonymous and participated in the auction from afar.


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