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Howard Stern’s Daughter Emily is Torah Observant

Howard Stern’s daughter Emily keeps Torah and mitzvoth and lives life as an orthodox Jew.  Howard, a prominent figure in the world of show business is Jewish but not religious. He hosts many different shows on TV and radio, is and actor and writer too. He describes himself as ‘half Jewish and half Italian.’

In an interview with the New York Post Emily said she keeps Torah and mitzvoth. After having a Shabbat meal by someone almost 10 years ago she slowly started accepting different mitzvoth upon herself. She eventually traded up to modest clothing in accordance with Halacha.

Her family keeps Yom Kippur and fasts and makes a Seder on Passover but they are not what you’d call a religious family. So Emily’s becoming religious is quite unexpected. Emily is a screenwriter and she also learns Torah classes at a Midrasha (Women’s Torah Seminary). Emily says her parents respect the path she took and she is close with both her parents. “My whole family is evolving and no one has anything against Judaism”.

“I needed to be brave to keep Torah and mitzvoth. I tried to understand what my role in the world is… I always ask that G-d should help me…”


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