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“I Saw Death In Front of My Eyes”

Noontime Thursday a man drove by a protest of 200 Palestinians in the town of Hawara. The protesters were there to show solidarity with the prisoners’ hunger strike. When they noticed his car they started throwing rocks at his car and closed in around his car to finish him off.

He would have had an easy escape but an ‘honorable ambulance driver’ of a Red Cross Red Crescent ambulance pulled his ambulance across the road forming a roadblock effectively blocking his escape. (This is the job of people who want to save lives in case you didn’t know.)

Thanks to the efforts of the ambulance driver, this innocent person about to get killed had no choice but to rev up his motor and run over a few of his would be killers. He also had to get out of his car and shoot one of the terrorists and only then did the crowd begin to disperse. Miraculously an IDF jeep came a minute late to help straighten things out.

It should be pointed out that this road Route 60 is under full Israeli military control. Unfortunately, there were many previous incidents of stone throwing on this road; something we hope will soon cease.

The attack victim said that his life was in danger. “I came back from shopping and my bags were in the car. A violent protest began in the middle of Huwara and I saw death in front of my eyes.”

The man’s wife said: “Thank G-d that the story ended this way. It was a miracle. They wanted to lynch my husband. It’s a great miracle it ended this way.”

In honor of yesterday’s terror episode and in ‘honor of Ramadan’,  Arab media in Gaza announced that Friday should be a ‘Day of Wrath’ in various places around the country.

A Police Spokeswoman delivered the following message:

“Following yesterday's incident on Route 60 near Huwara, during which an Israeli civilian was attacked by a crowd who threw stones at him:
In the early hours of the morning, police and security forces arrested a Palestinian suspect, a Red Crescent ambulance driver who, according to suspicions based on police documentation, appeared to be blocking the vehicle being attacked thus allowing the mob to storm the vehicle. The suspect was taken for questioning by the police and the investigation of the incident continues.
Impounded Ambulance from yesterday's attepmted lynching incident/ Photo

The Israel Police will continue to work together with security forces, to capture and arrest those who disrupt order and throw stones, involved in this incident or others attempting to harm civilians. The police will continue its preventive measures and enforcement against those violators to bring the perpetrators to justice and protect the Israeli citizens any place and any time.”


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