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“I Was Suddenly Delivered a Summons to a Trial”

I can’t believe that I am writing this, but since tomorrow the censor’s order will be removed I have to tell you about these frightening developments that are turning over my life:

For a year I was under a covert investigation !!!

The investigation including being under surveillance, wiretapping my phone calls and recording all my meetings and activities.

The investigators collected material from my past, interrogated and questioned the people close to me and today they know a lot more about me than I know myself.

My situation is worrisome because many people were involved, and if God forbid I can’t extricate myself from the situation, it will bring an economic, mental and physical disaster on me and my family.

According to information I possess, my legal situation is shaky and I'm going to spend the next month preparing evidence to improve my standing at the hearing which was set for exactly another thirty days.

I know that it will be a tough legal struggle. I have hired the best criminal lawyers and I only pray that they will prove my innocence in this fateful trial of my life.

What scares me the most of all is that I am not being judged by a regular judge, but by a top justice who is astute at sizing up a person. He has a reputation that nothing escapes him and nothing remains hidden from him.

I discovered that my political connections, my money, and even my eloquence are useless in my present situation.

He will judge me only by my actions and my thoughts!

However, he granted me a compassionate and kind motion by allowing me a month to prepare, a month where I can retract some of my actions and improve my ways and behavior. I hope to take advantage of it and come to my fateful trial ready.

This trial will determine the future of myself and my family, and will also determine my financial, public, medical and mental well-being.

* On Rosh Hashanah, the Day of Judgment, we will stand before our Creator, as individuals and as a group, and will be judged for our actions and our misdeeds. We will be given a verdict for life or death, for success or failure, for better or worse. *

Yes, you too have been under surveillance a year — “an eye saw, an ear heard, and all your deeds were written in a book.” You too can change your legal standing for the better. Remember that to our good fortune, the king is going out to the citizenry this month and will listen personally to you.

Utilize the coming month, get ready for your decisive trial and do everything to be better, more humane and more loving.

Elul 5778 – “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.”

The month of mercy and forgiveness, a month of blessing!


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