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“I’m a non-Jewish Iranian and I Want to Learn Torah”

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari who heads the “Otzmah Yehudit” party disclosed what is really going on in Iran with the riots taking place. But he has information from a pen-pal student of his; a non-Jewish Iranian who’s been corresponding with him for over a year and a half. This Iranian saw Rabbi Ben-Ari’s video lectures on You-Tube about “Nations of the World during the Era of the Scriptures”. “We’ve been   in contact through correspondence for a year and a half”, says Dr. Ben-Ari. “This is a young man living in a midsized Iranian city; someone educated who wrote me both in Persian which I can read a bit and in Hebrew.”

This young man taught himself Hebrew and his emotional connection to the Jewish nation and Israel go back to when he was 12 years old. “He taught himself Hebrew by watching Channel 33 and over a year ago he wrote me that he loves the Jewish nation after reading a book on the Holocaust and learned about Judaism. He also keeps the 7 mitzvoth of Noah admires the Jews and wants to know if he’s allowed to learn Torah” Ben-Ari explains adding: “When my parents passed away he consoled me in Persian and promised me that if I ever visit Iran as a tourist he would show me the birthplace of my parents.”

The young man also writes as we said about the current protests taking place in Iran that the people have great hatred for the Muslims and the Palestinians. “He writes that the Persians aren’t Muslims and hate them and they hate the Palestinians even more. The fact that Iran officially supports Hezbollah and the Hamas is like thorn in their eyes. Persians have a rich Persian heritage that they are proud of; an ancient culture of the Sassanid Empire and don’t consider themselves Muslim Arabs. Their mindset is connected to that of the West and they hope for support from the west.”


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