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In Light of Raziel Shevach’s Murder; Lieberman Proposes Full Legal Status for Havat Gilad

5 days after Rabbi Raziel Shevach’s murder Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman laid a proposal on the government’s table to give full legal status to Havat Gilad and zone it as a proper town. The proposal says that “we must promote the making of this new yishuv on Jewish owned land in the Shomron region. It will function as part of the municipal framework of the Shomron Regional Council, get its own town symbol and accept the people living on private land in its environs.”

If this in fact takes place it will become the 33rd yishuv of the Shomron Regional council. This proposal gives the defense minister the right to authorize the relevant authorities to research the legalities of creating the yishuv, its exact location and town limits, and planning for roads and infrastructure in town planning committees. The Ministry of Defense plans on picking out the land parcels as some are not Jewish owned.

Defense Minister Lieberman says: “Settlements were always an important part of the Zionist movement’s general understanding of how to foster security dating back to the “wall and tower” days. Even today Jewish settlement contributes greatly to protecting the countries boundaries and parcels of our homeland. I hope the relevant authorities will quickly undertake promoting this process.”

Yael Shevach, the widow of the Rabbi Raziel Shevach burst into tears when she heard news of the proposal. “We heard in these moments that the proposal is being promoted and things are starting to move. We want to our appreciation and strengthen the hands of the government and Defense Minister Lieberman to continue on this path and promote it until the end so we can see the results and get some consolation from building and establishment (of the town). It’s a matter of deciding and implementing; we hope it will happen as soon as possible.”

Shomron Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan said: “There’s no better Zionistic answer to these murderers than recognizing Havat Gilad and building opposite our enemy’s attempts to banish us from our land. Lieberman’s decision is leadership of the highest order. This is the correct and proper Zionistic step for a nationalist government to take against this lowly murder.”


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