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Iran May Produce Missiles in Lebanon

Israel news:

Major General Amir Eshel: “We’ve prevented 100 weapon smuggling attempts to Hezbollah”. The leaving air force commander discussed the prevention of weapons smuggling to the Hezbollah terror organization: “Since 2012 many dozens of efforts were foiled, close to 3 digits. There are small actions and those that take a few days.”  

The IDF destroyed the home of Hadas Malka’s murderer: Last night (Wednesday) Security forces destroyed the home of the terrorist that killed female Border Police officer Hadas Malka.  

Concerns in Israel: Iran may produce missiles in Lebanon: Israeli intelligence fears that Iran is building a missile factory in Lebanon. Satellite photos prove that such a factory was being built for a long while but now by the year’s end it will be completed. Netanyahu says that “this shows that all international deals Iran signed with nations were based on mistaken assumptions and Israel is not bound in any way, shape or form to these deals. Israel will continue to defend herself with determination against these threats.”

The Israel National Journal Association is revoking the journalist license from an Al-Jazeera journalist after receiving word from the prime minister’s office that this journalist said his work is part of the opposition to the Israeli occupation.

World news:

US intelligence says North Korea can produce motors for its missiles on its own: South Korea, China and the US are discussing installing a missile defense system in South Korea.

South Korean president sends a message of calm:  “I can say that there definitely won't be a war on the Korean peninsula. The nation worked too hard to restore the country to lose it all in a war.”

27 killed and 83 wounded in Nigeria from a Boko Haram terrorist attack when 3 female terrorists blew themselves up in northeastern Nigeria.

A Salafists terrorist working with ISIS blew himself up at the Egypt Gaza border last night after getting into a dispute with Hamas border police. He killed himself and one Hamas man and Hamas says 5 of their men got wounded. This attack is in the context of the Egypt Hamas agreement to open this border between them. Hamas must prove to Egypt that it won’t let ISIS and other insurgents into Gaza.

Queen Elizabeth plans on passing her authority to Prince Charles the heir to the UK throne.


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