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Is Lavender as Effective Against Depression as Chemical Medication?

Depression and anxiety have turned into a world phenomenon. In the U.S. alone there are 6.8 million people suffering from it. A new study publicized in a journal called Phytomedicine pours light on the phenomenon and its manifestations and offers natural remedies for it.

The study shows that women are more prone to anxiety than men and this normally takes place during adolescence. Symptoms left untreated can get more severe over time and the standard treatment that conventional medicine offers is balancing neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Symptoms of anxiety in women:
-Nervous tension
– Unrealistic assessment of problems and exaggerating problems to fearful proportions
– Physical pain and cramped muscles
– Fear of doing simplest tasks
– Chronic tiredness
– Difficulty concentrating
– Mood swings
– Difficulty swallowing
– Anger, complaining and inability to calm down
– Excessive sweating
– Dizziness, migraines or shortness of breath often
– Emotional unrest and feeling of living on edge
– Trembling or convulsing often
– Difficulty falling asleep.

In most instances a woman who goes for conventional medical treatment to alleviate her symptoms of anxiety will be given Valium or Ativan or Xanax. But this study found that lavender oil is as effective as these chemical medications (they compared it to Lorazepam a generic name for Ativan)

Even more than this, the study found that lavender oil has none of the side effects common in the other medicines, especially in women that take lorazepam. It also has a medically proven calming effect on those suffering from anxiety and depression and many other things like healing infections, migraines, joint pain and dementia.

How to use Lavender oil:

Lavender oil capsules are available but are expensive and not always available so researchers give you this alternative; to make lavender tea.
If you do decide to use the capsules you should first consult with health professionals to determine the correct dose (this is definitely not for children).

Preparing lavender tea:
Place a tablespoon of dried lavender flowers  into a strainer, pour boiling water over it and drink it. You can place the dried flowers in a cloth bag and make essence for using a few times.


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