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Israel Attacks in Gaza

Israel news:

The Air Force attacked 2 Hamas targets in Gaza retaliating for the rockets they shot into the Shaar Hanegev region.

Religious MKs want to revoke the permission granted to transportation companies to operate on Shabbat. 4 MKs from the Shas and Torah Judaism parties turned to the head of the ministry of transport Karen Turner with this demand to stop permitting regional governments to allow public transportation to operate on Shabbat.

The Greek Orthodox Church sold the ownership its extensive holdings in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Talbieh and Rehavia. It was sold to the Nayot Pertnership owned by the Ben-David family.

The UN Celebrated 50 years of Jerusalem’s unity: In a special event sponsored by Israel ambassadors from around the world and hundreds of Jewish community leaders participated in the celebrations. The UN itself is slated to have a meeting to discuss 50 years of occupation in Jerusalem. Perhaps the Jewish event was meant to soften the UN’s oppositional stance.

The Reform movement is against the Government: The opposition tried turning the government decision about the Western wall into a crisis claiming Israel is alienating Diaspora Jewry. The attempt didn’t succeed.

Hadassah Hemato-Oncology dispute: Parents of the children cancer patients started their second day of their hunger strike protesting the lack of suitable treatment since their doctors walked out in Hadassah Hospital. The Supreme Court will decide on their demand that the Shaarei Zedek hospital open its own (Pediatric) Hemato-Oncology ward.

World news:

The White House announced that they see Syrian preparations for a Chemical Attack similar to the preparations that took place before the attack on Idlib where 87 citizens were killed. “Assad and his army will pay a steep price if they use this weapon” the White House warned.

71 EU Parliament members support a call to “Work quickly to reinstate Jewish assets stolen during the Holocaust to their rightful owners.”


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