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Israel Attacks Targets near Damascus

Israel news:

Israel Attacks Targets near Damascus: According to reports from Syria, 4 warplanes of the Israeli Air Force attacked military targets of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah last night including long range missile storage sites of the 155th battalion and other weapons storage sites. This is in line with Israel’s position that it will counter security threats against it as they did when bombing Iranian military installations in Syria a few weeks ago. There was no official comment from Israel to deny or confirm last night’s attack.

2 residents of southern Israel collaborated with ISIS: The G.S.S. and the police announced the arrest a month ago of 2 young women, age 19 from the town of Liqia in southern Israel who allegedly collaborated with ISIS. In their investigation Rachma Alasad and Tasnin Alasad admitted wanting to carry out terror attacks in Israel and having contacted people who work with an ISIS cell abroad. They also received preparatory instructions for their terror attack.

The Supermarket Law was ratified last night by the Knesset after a 13 hour marathon by a narrow vote of 58-57. Interior Minister Aryeh Deri can now force municipalities to make sure supermarkets are closed on Shabbat. On the other hand convenience stores in gas stations can stay open. The benefits of the law may not be clear as Shabbat is still up for debate in Israel. Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog says there will now be more desecration of Shabbat as towns are actively seeking loopholes to this new law and trampling the Shabbat.

World news:

Jerusalem should be Israel and Palestinian Capital: British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said that Jerusalem must be the shared capital of Israel and of Palestine. Johnson said that the UK is committed to supporting the Palestinians and a 2 state solution. The UK was also one of the UN General Assembly members that voted condemning President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Eternal Capital.

US will deport 200,000 migrant workers from El-Salvador in 2019: These workers had working papers and came to the US since 2001 but as part of Trump’s immigration policies they will be sent back home.

Vice President Pence coming to Israel: On Monday the White House announced that Pence will be traveling to the Middle East from Jan. 19-23.He will first meet with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi in Cairo. Pence will then meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan and then come to Israel for two days of meetings and events. He is not slated to meet any PA representatives during his visit to the region.


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