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“Israel Can’t Attack Syria Whenever It Wants”

Israel news:

The Knesset will discuss improving the lot of 110,000 elderly citizens and may increase their stipend. The money will have to come from the treasury so it has to pass with the ministry of the treasury.

MK Kahlon is working on raising the minimum wage to 5,300 shekels in a few weeks. Next Tuesday a special committee will discuss this and there is no opposition expected to passing this proposal.

Male Death from cancer down in Israel women’s death rate from cancer remains unchanged. Since 2012 the death of men from cancer is on the downswing in Israel and is less than the women’s rate of death. In the Arab sector death from cancer is more common in men than women.

Thousands of Jews visited the tomb of ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’ in Jerusalem whose Yohrzeit was yesterday. His tomb is in the Sheikh Jarrah section of Jerusalem.

Tens of thousands are expected to visit the Grave of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef next Sunday Night and Monday on his Yohrzeit. There will be lectures in his honor by his sons Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and Rabbi David Yosef and other leading Rabbis. On Sunday at midnight there will be a special ceremony at Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s grave with the rabbis attending. Rabbi Zamir Cohen will also be attending.

On Sunday afternoon a knife wielding Terrorist was shot near Gush Etzion as he approached the soldiers he wanted to stab. He was taken to the hospital.

World news:

Iran Chief of Staff: “Israel can’t attack in Syria whenever it wants” said Muhammad Hussein Bakri about Israel’s destroying an antiaircraft missile battery that fired a missile at Israeli planes in the region. He warned: “We will fight our common enemies whether they are Zionists or terrorists.”

Syrian Regime General Issam A-Din, a senior regime general of the Druze forces was killed. He was known as the “Cruel Druze” in his ruthless campaign against those opposing the regime when he was in charge of the ‘104th Brigade’; the same brigade Assad once led.


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