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Israel Debating Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Israel news:

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri took an undercover visit to Southern Tel Aviv to understand what the area is going through. This Thursday there will be a meeting regarding the illegal immigrant problem and the Supreme Court decision that allows them to stay if they don’t agree to leave back to their home country. This decision wrongfully fails to differentiate between refugees who escape trouble spots and illegal immigrants who come in without permission.  Most of the Knesset is in uproar over the decision which compromises the whole idea of borders. In light of this Interior Minister Aryeh Deri and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked are working on a loophole to send illegal immigrants to a 3rd country without needing their permission.

250 people protested in solidarity with the family of Avra Mengistu who is in captive in Gaza for 3 years. They called it the ‘Love your Neighbor as Yourself Protest’.

Activists for the Handicapped in Israel rejected Netanyahu’s offer which would add 4 billion shekel to the handicapped in 4 years. They said: “this proposal will leave 150,000 handicapped people with a piteous allowance from which they can’t live.”

In Safed a 9 year old boy was bit by a poisonous viper snake and is in the intensive care unit in the Ziv hospital in Safed.

World news:

The UN Security Council will meet today regarding North Korea’s underground nuclear test it did yesterday morning. This means they now have a hydrogen bomb that they can deploy on their intercontinental missiles. President Trump reiterated that: “We are considering stopping commerce with those who do business with North Korea.”

Iran Accuses the US of flying into its airspace: They claim: “In this past half a year American spy planes flew into our airspace.”

Syria lost at least 30 soldiers yesterday in a rebel ambush


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