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Israeli Checkpoint Policemen Buy Shoes for Barefoot and Abused Palestinian Children

A woman with 3 bruised children came to the Calandia crossing and was treated with the respect she should have gotten from her husband.  They came to the checkpoint in tattered clothing wearing slippers and sandals and the police manning the checkpoint treated them with compassion.

First of all, seeing that the children were bruised they told her and the children to take seats and rest up. They gave her and the children food and drink to give them some much needed strength. They also gave them some warm clothing. Another policeman seeing the slippers on their feet made a collection of money from the people on his shift and bought the children shoes from vendors not far from the checkpoint.

The mother, seeing all the care lavished on her and the children, broke down in tears. She said: “My husband hurts me and the children. This is one of the few moments I feel safe and see my children smiling.” The police hearing her tale called up the local police station where she lives to have them follow up on this domestic strife.

Before they continued on their way the policemen gave them drinks and bags of treats to take with them for the trip. The police unit in charge of checkpoints summed up; “In addition tour job to watch over the security and safety of the public we see it a great moral obligation to help this family in distress even a little bit.”

The Talmud states: “We are obligated to sustain the non-Jewish poor along with the Jewish poor, to visit the non-Jewish sick along with the Jewish sick and to bury the non- Jewish deceased along with the Jewish deceased to foster peace between Jews and gentiles.”
It seems like these policemen live up to that dictum and they are not the exception rather they’re the norm. 


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