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Israeli Intelligence Company Hacks ISIS Terror Targets List

An ISIS secret online hacking group called Insights managed to gain access to the secretive ISIS Telegram group. Only 500 people worldwide are members of this group, which posts potential targets for terror attacks with the intention of moving one of the members to plan an attack in these locations.

Insights is staffed entirely by former Israeli military intelligence personnel turned hackers who are versed in the ways of the “dark web”of terror and crime groups.

“Telegram is completely encrypted, and they have no fear of their messages being intercepted,” explained Allon Arbatz, Deputy CEO of Insights. One of the items which had been posted a few months ago was the church in Normandy, where priest Jacques Hamel was murdered by ISIS terrorists two weeks ago. Also on the list were airfields used by the American army worldwide, with extremely accurate coordinates, including air force bases in Israel.

The discovery of this list shows that there is more method to the madness and randomness of “lone wolf” attacks than western authorities suspect.


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