It’s Either My Children or My Cell Phone, I Can’t Pay Attention to Both!

Brandie Wood is a mother to twins Blaine and Reilly in California. She decided to observe her children at play and was surprised with her painful conclusions from her observation. She shared them on social media and many people agreed with her. Here’s what she shared:

“Today I did an experiment and I observed my children when they were playing. I sat in a corner quietly without saying a word. I was almost invisible. I had a reason for this observation. I wanted to see how many times they would look toward me to get approval for what they were doing or to see my reactions and I was surprised by how many times they looked at me. 28 times my children looked at me to see if I saw them, so I would react, so I could show them I care or that I’m impressed with their behavior.”

But then the realization hits like a ton of bricks: “In our digital era that we live in, I could have sat opposite them surfing the web from my phone and not pay attention to them at all. Not to their feelings, thoughts and they wouldn’t get my reactions to what they do or don’t do. During those moments I couldn’t stop asking myself what message I give my children as a mother if I’m busy with all this technology around us without really being there for them?”

“28 times my angels questioned if the internet is more important than them and if they have the chance to get any attention like that most adults seek.  In a world that accepts us for who they think we are and not who we truly are, where we get our validation from how many likes and followers we have in a world where quality time with our loved ones passes by with isolation and sending out text messages from the other room- I beg of you, be different!”

“Our future generation depends on us to teach them how to be adults, so don’t be too busy on social media or technology because you never know who is watching you from the side and what message you’re giving him.”


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