It’s Hard for Me to Move Around But I Can Be Kind to Others

I'm getting older and it’s getting harder to get around as my health deteriorates, but G-d still sends me many opportunities to do kindness.

A woman was supposed to work in my house for pay but it kept on getting delayed. She was supposed to come at a certain time and when she failed to come I got a phone call from her husband who said she had to cancel. She got new medication which didn’t let her sleep and left her disoriented. I asked the husband for her Hebrew name and name of her mother to organize prayer for her. I donated money to a woman in Israel who goes to the graves of holy rabbis to pray for the recovery of many people. I did a bank transfer to pay the woman so now my friend would be prayed for in Israel.
I have a neighbor who is deep in debt that needs a loan temporarily. They’re in the middle of settling their inheritance and won’t have any problem paying back once the paperwork is done. So I spoke to my friend about it and they had information to pass along about a free loan society to help with a loan. Though I couldn’t help with a loan I was able to pass the information along.
A package was left outside my door. It was supposed to be delivered a block away. So I called the delivery company which was grateful that I did. They came and delivered the package to the right people.

People think that to do kindness you need to do something extraordinary but in reality we are all surrounded with opportunities to do kindness. If we open our eyes we will see the chances to be kind that G-d sends us in our daily lives.

Story based on Partners in Kindness, A Daily Dose of Kindness


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