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Ivanka at Western Wall

Ivanka Trump-Kushner shared her special moments of her trip to Israel with her president dad on Twitter. She wrote that this was a meaningful experience for her.

After she was videoed approaching the wall with tears of emotion in her eyes, walking together with Melania Trump on the women’s side of the holy place of worship, the last remnant of our temple, she decided to share her feelings with the public on Twitter. She ‘tweeted’:

“It was deeply meaningful to visit the holiest site of my faith and to leave a note of prayer”

Pictures of Ivanka’s historical moment at the Western Wall went viral and her emotional words impacted thousands on the media who began to discuss it. The Daily Mail in the UK wrote: “Ivanka wore a mid-calf-length skirt and a long-sleeve top with a high neckline, which kept her figure concealed. She covered her head with a fascinator and wore a pair of plain black pumps…while visiting Israel during her father's first international tour as president, showing respect for her Jewish faith, and its strict dress codes.”

It’s clear the Daily Mail admired her respect for the Jewish religion.

The day before she met with Saudi women entrepreneurs and discussed women’s rights and empowering women in the workplace. She said that
Saudi Arabia made great headway but there are still more freedoms that need to be fought for. Ivanka received a $100 million donation for her Women Entrepreneurs Fund. This fund was only started hardly a month ago to fund women entrepreneurs helping them start businesses all over the world. It will be managed by the World Bank.

Clearly modesty and women’s empowerment are not contradictory and there are many successful women who have no need to compromise their modesty.


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