I’ve Gone to Fulfill a Dream

If you ask working people if their work interferes with their family ties most will answer “yes”. Many employees and even freelancers live with the feeling they are missing out on family life because of their work. Yossie Wahaba, the owner of a barber shop in the Hadar Yosef neighborhood in Tel Aviv decided to do something about it. Surprisingly, his customers liked what he did!

This past Sunday customers coming to Yossie’s barber shop were surprised to see a sign taped to the door saying: “I had a dream and in my dream I take my daughter out of her gan (kindergarten)…I went to fulfill my dream. Tomorrow is regular. Thank you and sorry, Yossie the Barber.”

How did the customers react? With understanding and admiration. Yossie in a phone interview with Ynet said; “people wrote compliments on the sign “well done”, “always pursue your dreams”, “money is not everything” and more positive comments. I planned out that I would work less this week and I took my daughter out to fly a kite in the park. It was fun and we both enjoyed it!”

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Yossie continued; being self-employed it’s very difficult for me to close up business and go out. Life is somewhat difficult but it’s worth more than all the money or gold I could amass. You just have to decide and do it and when it happens, people understand how much it’s worth and the people around you will adjust. You have to respect your workplace and keep it, but I think people are learning more and more how valuable family is in our modern world where people work from morning to night.”

“I wish for myself double the money in half the time working so I’ll have more time for my family, meaning that our magical time will double. I have no idea how to make it happen but I’m working on it”, says Yossie explaining his outlook: In our days workers have turned to slaves. In Hebrew the difference is one letter but they’re really both the same! The hug of the family is coming more and more into our consciousness and people are looking for these enchanting moments. This is the basis of everything, going to sleep smiling and getting up with happiness”.

We hope he finds that magic formula!


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