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Jared Kushner Secretly Visits Saudi Arabia   

Israel news:

Almost 2 inches of rainfall in only 2 hours in the Carmel region of Israel brought flooding to the area temporarily closing down roads going north from Haifa. These rains were also in most of Northern Israel but elsewhere flooding was not reported.

Shooting from the Sinai Peninsula at IDF forces took place last night. The IDF says it was just stray fire from light weapons which caused only light damage to an army vehicle without harming any soldiers.

UNRWA denounced the tunnel they discovered under one of their schools in Gaza and they sealed it. They denounced the danger such a tunnel brings to the schoolchildren and UNRWA teachers who are trying to help Gaza residents.

Thousands of young Arab girl students from an East Jerusalem private school visited Arafat’s grave yesterday along with taking a tour of the museum named after him.

Western army experts who met with senior Israeli officials show that the Hezbollah has missiles accurate to within a few meters of their target. They will rely foremost on thousands of missiles and rockets to try achieving their aim of harming Israel.

World news:

Jared Kushner secretly visited Saudi Arabia probably to discuss restarting the peace process between Israel and the PA. They may have also discussed Iran.

Iran threatens that it won’t allow any foreign interference with its missile program as a reaction to the US house of representative vote last week to impose new sanctions on Iran. 


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